Thursday, May 17, 2018

IoG Reflection

Our goal class just did a project called Images of Greatness. You had to choose a person that you thought was great and make an exhibit, a paper, a food and a bio-riddle. I chose John Wayne. I thought this person was great because he embodies so many attributes that are desirable. He has a can-do attitude, he has grit, and he isn't afraid to speak his mind. One thing I admire about him would be how American like his is. What I mean is if you were to think of an American and all the things that person should have you might come up with John Wayne.
I liked this project a lot. And it would be pretty hard to nail down what I liked most about it. I thought my costume, my board, and my paper were very good. And my bio-riddle presentation wasn't bad either. However, if I really had to chose I would say my exhibit because it has three things in one. My board, my paper, and my outfit.
There were also some challenges along the way too. The hardest thing would be memorizing my bio-riddle. For the longest time, I just couldn't quite get it right. If I would have choked on stage and forgot a line I would have no idea what I would have done. Thankfully that didn't happen and it went pretty smoothly.
As a student, I think I grew a lot. I learned to deal with stress. That is pretty hard. As I learned stress and turn someone who is usually very confident into a nervous wreck. The trick is really just calm yourself down and that can be hard. It is really just whatever works for you. I also learned that sometimes you need to work late. It can get rough but I just had to deal with it. But as you can see in the picture it turned out very good.
I think if there was one thing I would change about my work it would be the food and the bio-riddle. The food was just kinda a spur of the moment idea that I didn't end up changing. Even though there would have been a lot of other food ideas I could have gone with. In spite of that, a lot of people like them but some didn't. They are for some people and not for others. As for my bio-riddle, I would have practiced more. There are plenty of opportunities to do things like that.
My favorite thing about the Images of Greatness Celebration was all of it. I was a little nervous because I had yo go first and all but I really enjoyed giving my bio-riddle. I also liked talking with people afterward. The whole thing was set up very well. We were also close enough that when we were done with our bio-riddles we would get drinks. And when the night was done I really enjoyed getting home taking a shower and going to bed. Everyone was so supportive during the entire event to which was good if you were a nervous wreck. All in all the entire project was fun. We got to research people we thought were great. We went on a trip to Des Moines. It all lead up to this one event, which was another grand slam of an event. I am so excited for the upcoming 8th graders IoG.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Des Moines Field Trip Reflection

     Ok, so Thursday April 19, 2018 our class had a goal field trip to Des Moines. We did all kinds of cool and exciting things there including a "tour" of the Des Moines Art Center,  a tour of Drake University, a guided tour through the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates, and a trip to the Science Center of Iowa. Aside from the main stops we went to the Spaghetti Factory, Zombie Burger, and had a great time at our hotel, as well as to and from stops.
     My personal favorite wouldn't be the actual attractions themselves. For me it would be the Comfort Inn, where we slept, and the bus rides. Don't get me wrong, all the places we went to were absolutely great, and I would definitely go to those places again. However, I felt on the bus rides and at the inn I got closer to my fellow goal students. Simple things like talking and playing games made me more comfortable with them than I would have been at school.
     Now, for our first official stop. We went to the Art Museum our first day and we were asked to find four things. Our favorite piece, the best example of art, an artist that we have heard of, and one piece that we didn't really get why it was art. My Favorite was a painting called " Thompson Home in Union Park". I really like this one because I like paintings of nature and outside and, just, normal.The painting that I thought was the best example of art was a piece called, "Coke Spill form Parked Car of Potomac Ave." Then I found really the only name that I knew Pablo Picasso. The last thing we had to find was a peice that we didn't know why it was art. Mine was a piece that really only look liked someone just threw a bunch of paint on a canvas. It looks like a kindergardener did it

     One place that I found most educational would be the science center. It was fun and we learned so much. The crime lab was cool because it taught us how to match finger prints, hair strands, and how to figure out what a mystery substance is. The IMAX movie on engineering was super cool because it tought us how the screen in an IMAX theater works. As well as that, it showed us certain ways to build buildings and how to design buildings in a certain part of the world. Then there was the fire and ice demonstration. It showed us a lot. Like how certain chemicals react when a flame is added, or another chemical is added. The other places were fun and all, but they just didn't captivate me like the science center did. I felt like a little kid again, the other places just didn't. The art museum was cool but it's not my thing. The Drake tour was fun but it wasn't very long. And the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates wasn't what I expected, and it was mainly the guy talking while we stood there just wanting to look around. So at those places I pretty mush was just there and didn't learn anything.
     The theme of the trip is Images of Greatness. This field trip matched that. We went to places like The Science Center of Iowa, where we saw great things like the IMAX theater, or chemicals cumbusting into a great ball of fire. Or where we saw great works of art by famous people. We were shown around a pretty great college, and went to a building that immoralized great feats of agriculture. There wasn't a place that we went to that was ok, or bad, or was just one other place. We went to some of the greatest places in Des Moines.
     There are few ways to make the Trip to Des Moines bettter. However, I would say that we should leave school early. That way we could eat earlier, and go to the Art center earlier. Because it was really fun when we swam and hung out at the hotel. It would be really be nice if that time was extended. After all that was my favorite part of the trip. Overall the trip was super fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Independent Projects Here is a link to the project.

     Recently I made an independent project about the weasel family. In the project, it describes a few of the species. It will tell you about the features and characteristics of each one. Then it will go on to tell you about how they hunt and the ways they hunt.
      I would say the thing I liked most about the project would either be simply learning these facts or watching there reactions when I would tell them mind-blowing facts about each species. It may be surprising but this project was really fun to present so it also made the presenting process very fun. As for what I thought was the hardest thing about my project. I would say it was the daily log we had to keep. I would find myself researching outside of class and I wouldn't write in the daily log.
     I think I improved as a learner because there is so much information out there, and I got a lot. There was quite a bit of it that I simply had to leave out. However, just because I got a lot of information doesn't mean it was perfect. If there would be one thing I wanted to change it would be the animals themselves. I focused mainly on the weasel family, but I feel that I could have narrowed it down even more to only one of the three species that I did.
     For future students a tip would be to get as many facts as you can. Also a big one is to keep it at a good length. If your project is too short then It might leave the audience unappeased. However, if you make it too long then everyone gets bored. So, keep it at a good length and keep it interesting.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

My One Word

My class is doing a project about one word. The assignment is to think of one word that will be your goal for the year. My one word is "Noble". I chose this word not for what it directly means, but for a collection of words that are synonyms of it. Such as, virtuous, righteous, good, and honorable. There are more, but these are the ones that stood out to me when I looked noble up in the thesaurus. If you look at a variety of people, you will see that a large majority of people look up to those who are noble. Being noble is a good quality to have. I think this would be a good word to live by, and I will do my best to be Noble all year long.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

To Kill a Mockingbird

I kind of liked the To Kill a Mockingbird movie however, it left out a lot of details that are crucial to the plot. One difference would be that in the movie it didn't snow and Miss Maudie's house didn't burn down. These events are a big part of the book and take up a lot of time which is probably why they were cut from the movie. These are not the only examples of differences. In the book, Jem took Dyl to learn how to swim, Toms' arm was half the size of the other arm, they talked more about Francis and Aunt Alexandra, the way they learned about Tom's death, and Mrs. Debose. All of these details were either cut or were changed in the movie. Asides from these events there are others that are different or aren't in the movie at all.
Now for some similarities. Obviously the plot is basically the same. Some events that are the same would be as simple as the mad dog that Atticus shoots. However, they can be the drastic ones like Tom Robinson being killed. There are a lot of these similarities. This is to be expected though, I mean you can't completely change the movie and call it the same as the book.
Over all I didn't hate the movie, but I didn't love it either. I thought the movie would have been a bit longer since the book has so much stuff to pack in. If I was to make To Kill a Mockingbird now I would make a lot of changes. The most obvious one would be that the movie would now be in color, and it would be a good deal longer. I would also want to make the scenes as close to the book as I could. Finally I would add as many scenes from the book (that weren't in the movie) as I could. I think that it would be at least three hours long. A lot longer than the movie.
In conclusion, I liked the book better than the movie. I feel like the movie cut out a lot of events that were really important to the overall story. There are some scenes that are the same, but a lot are different. If i was to make the movie again it would be longer to get all the events in. However, all in all it was an ok movie.

Friday, October 20, 2017

DWA Publishing 1st Quarter

 DWA 9/7/17
I think it is okay to lie sometimes, but not all the time. It is very simple, some situations call you to lie, and other's don't. There's no harm in a little white lie every now and then. However, you need to watch how much you lie. As a smart man once said to me, "You can tell a lie every once in a while but the more lies you tell, the more things you must remember." If you don't lie then it's one less thing you have to remember. In a way, lying is harder than telling the truth. So if you need to lie, or if it doesn't hurt anyone, then go ahead. But, if it does hurt someone, or you won't remember it then just tell the truth.

DWA 9/6/17

I believe that imagination has the potential to be more powerful/important than knowledge. Knowledge is already set, it doesn't change if it does, then it was false knowledge. Don't get me wrong knowledge is power, imagination is more than just power, it's hope, an idea, and inspiration. It can be all things good and all things bad. It could be the most powerful thing ever if it was real then it would be known. It would then be knowledge not imagination. That would make imagination knowledge all along. So imagination can't be real, and if it can't be real then it's not more important or powerful than knowledge. So imagination has the potential to be more powerful/important than knowledge but that's all that it is potential.Knowledge is more powerful the imagination.

IoG Reflection

Our goal class just did a project called Images of Greatness. You had to choose a person that you thought was great and make an exhibit, a...