Monday, March 20, 2017

National History Day

In the national history day project our group did an exhibit on the Apollo 11 mission. The trifold that our group made is primarily orange (on the sides) and blue (in the middle), but it does have an image of a rocket and a moon on it. On the sides of the board we have our pictures, and in  the middle we have our worded facts and the the painting of the rocket. The trifold cover topics like the test done on the moon and the people who went there.
Me personally like the painting in the middle. I like it because I painted, and it looks pretty cool. I didn't think it was necessary too make it perfect. That  would have been very hard to draw. Plus, it just needs to get people's attention, because I don't want to compare mine to Picasso.
I would say number one would be just learning about the rocket. I mean just thinking about how big and powerful the rocket was is amazing, The rocket was so many times bigger than any car you will ever see, and just thinking about how many horsepower it would have makes me feel small. Number two is the time in which they went to the moon and back. There aren't any words for it, it's just amazing.
The hardest part of the project fro me was the citation. I simply don't get enough practice with it. I like more hand on things, like painting the board, and maybe even researching the facts. Just not the citations. And it just seems like it is too long of a process. however, if I have a refresher every now and then I'm okay with it. For example, a few months ago we had to research an epidemic and site our sources. We got a refresher, and lots, and lots of practice.
I think one way I improved as a learner is by looking at a situation from different points of view. Being in a group means that your way might not always be "the" way. I had to learn to compromise, because if you always got your way on a project it would be your project, not the groups project. It makes the project much better, and it can also take the weight of your shoulders.
Between now and history day I want to clean up the board. There are still some dirty spots from the early stages of construction. I would also like get our sources printed out and glued on the board since that is required.
I think I will be very proud of when the judge sees our board. However, since that is a ways away, I think I am most proud of what we, as a group can get done in a short amount of time (if we put our minds to it).
I think our topic relates to this years theme because, it was about going where humans aren't supposed to go. It became a very important date in the history of mankind. The Apollo 11 mission showed to the world that mankind could go to outer space. As well as when they took a step on the moon and "took a stand in history".
To end this paper, if anyone who reads this is doing a history day project, listen up. The most important step is the beginning. It can make or break a project. There are three thing you need to consider. One, what will you project be about. Two, how can it relate to the theme, and three, chose a good category for your topic. If you think about those in the beginning you will be fine. So good luck, and good by.

Monday, October 3, 2016


Shakespeare Project
I think at first that I thought that I would be bored. Because come on it's Shakespeare, but towards the end I found myself amazed and fantasized. It was amazing, and really fun. I also learned so much like how he invented al of those words. What I thought was fun was the insult, as well as the deaths. 

Now to the second question, I'm not quite sure. I think for the most part yes, she is but I believe that there is still a lot of the Shrew left in Kate. I mean I think Petruchio definitely changed her, but I think It's like a wild fire. It's somewhat easy to contain it, but it is nearly impossible to stop it completely. AN example would be In the end scene where she drags the two women into the hall. That would still be "Kate" but it's what she says, her speech at the end, that make me think that she is both tamed and not tamed.

I think Shakespeare's folio was important because it told many of his stories in one. However in terms of the field trip in general it was very neat to see some of the thing that would have been during his time period. As well as some of the plays that he wrote.

I think that the deaths and insults helped me understand what he meant, by actually saying or acting out what he put his characters through. 

I believe that it is important to continue to educate and do Shakespeare play to inform people about someone who greatly influenced the world of words that we use today. Because it is important to know who made the words that we use every day. As well as see some new thing like his plays which are fun educational and  make you laugh out loud.

In conclusion the Shakespeare project that we did was amazing and very fun, and I would ask any of you who haven't experienced anything Shakespeare. Look them up, read one or better yet go to a play. You'll love his work. Have fun and research Shakespeare.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

"2016 2017 1st Blog Post"

For my academic goal I want to get an A+  in all subject by the end of the year. I want to behave well, and with respect.I think my improvement goal is going to be to try to get better GPA.

I believe that for me personally these goals are important because... #1 I want to try to get A+ in all my classes because it is important for sports and myself to get good grades. #2 I want to behave well because last year I had some moments last year that I should have conducted differently. I intend to make this year different. Next I am going to raise my GPA, because that means I am getting smarter. And everyone wants to be smarter in one way or another.

In conclusion I want to make this year better than any year I have had. Have fun and learn a lot every body. See you in school.

Friday, June 3, 2016


This is Evan and My voice thread. And we think blacksmiths affected the WW Expansion heavily, because they were ecencial to building and fixing most tools that they used. A town needed one if they wanted something out of metal or if they wanted something made of metal to be fixed. In this voice thread we will tell you how the blacksmiths affected the WW Expansion.

Monday, May 16, 2016

My Independent Project

My  Independent Project

My topic was American Football. I chose this topic because I have played this sport, and to me it was fun, exciting, and many of my friends played it. It is an interesting topic, and not very many people chose a sport. It was also a topic that was easy to research. There is so many sections of football and so many facts, that I could have done my topic on The Offensive team, the Defensive team the history and tons of others. All of which are related to football.

In my project I think it had to be when I was presenting, because when I was picking out my topic and working on my project that was more grunt work. so I wasn't really proud of that. But when I was presenting I got to express my opinions on Football. That I can be proud of.

I think two of the most interesting things that I learned in my I-Project would be when Football started, because I had no idea when it started. So that was cool to know that Football started in the 1800's.  How many people watched Super Bowl 50. I knew a lot of people watched Football, but I didn't know that many people watched it.

If I could improve I would try to research a topic that I could learn more from. The last two I-Projects that I did I knew a lot about, and I didn't learn as much as I could have. I would also try to practice before I presented. That way I would be more relaxed when presenting. Plus I should have spent more time on my notes. And lastly I should have put bullet points instead of just writing it all out.

Words of Wisdom